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Optimum Grading has developed a fully customizable and invaluable tool that could greatly enhance your team’s performance and scouting capabilities. The software provides a comprehensive and efficient way to evaluate and analyze your player performance, making it an essential asset for your football program.

By utilizing this software, you’ll gain the ability to assess player strengths and weaknesses, identify key trends, and make data-driven decisions that can give your team a competitive edge. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this software is a game-changer that will streamline your coaching process and help unlock the full potential of your team.

There’s absolutely nothing you can’t unearth about your players when using this tool. Whether you want to compare player grades, run reports on efficiency of each position group, or find out how your players are performing when you run inside zone vs a bear front on 3rd down, this software can do it. More importantly, your players now have visual feedback on every play, so they understand where they’re exceeding or struggling.

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If you have an opportunity at any level to use this tool, do it! It will take your program to a different level.

Hue Jackson – Grambling State

I have been in the coaching profession for 26 years. The one consistent issue I have encountered no matter what school or staff I’ve coached at was getting assistant coaches to watch-grade and evaluate players consistently and in a timely manner. Since finding Optimum Grading our staff meetings are now hours shorter, our players are all engaged in watching film and anticipating their grades. Our coaches love this system because it makes teaching the game so much easier because the players receive instant feedback on their performance. Our players can’t wait to share their Winning Performance! I highly recommend this system

Rodney Brewington – Head Coach South View HS

The new updates are off the charts. Optimum Grading helped me grade games and practices with ease. The fully customizable reports helps me and my players chart progress over time. I’m standing on the table for it.

Van Malone – K State Assistant HC

Absolutely the best software for grading and evaluations. Coaches if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you need to get in touch with Kings! You wont regret it!

Donnie Abraham – STL Battlehawks DC (XFL)

I’ve evolved my grading process with Optimum. It’s charging how I plan for the season and will make my in-season review magnitudes more meaningful for the athletes and for me. @OGrading is doing great stuff.

Coach Koeppel – Westosha Central HS

The Absolute BEST Football grading system l’ve ever used & seen! Coaches grade practices, scrimmages, games! Track player production with just a few clicks! use it at every level HS to Pros!

Hardy Nickerson Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker & Coach

Optimum Grading can take your average player to an All State player in 1 short season. By evaluating their performance in a game as well as practice, it allows you as a coach and player to fine tune good and bad habits. I can first hand tell you that by having this program for the first season it has allowed us to do just that. We were able to take an honorable mention conference O-Lineman the previous season, to an All-Conference and All State O-Lineman. Thanks for developing such a great program for not only our kids but our staff as well!!

Jeff Kaiser LaVille HS – Indiana

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